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Kraft Paper Muse is growing and evolving every day. Living a creative life at the merging of analog skill with digital tools is our overall theme, but the Muse is more than that. It is about sharing and cultivating the things we love and love to do into a lifestyle that inspires others and brings us joy that we can share.

Inside each issue of the Kraft Paper Muse…

Vintage / Modern
Repurposing the old into the new, giving new life to vintage items through invention and upcycling, as well as delving into the past to find the origins of some our current favorites.

Rock. Paper. Fox.
Mini prints you can hang, tutorials with downloadable project templates, and paper toys from Rock Paper Fox Emporium. (formerly Paper Princess)

Drawn Butter
Illustrated recipes to make your mouth water.

Analog Goes Digital
Learn how to draw something by hand (analog), then take it digital to make something fun.

Tea and Paper
Creative expression as a healing tool, with exercises!

An alphabetical list of our favorite campaigns, shops, and inspirations meant to arouse the senses and set your muse on fire.

Planned future additions:

  • Reviews on books, products, and apps.
  • Music to inspire > playlists.
  • Featured Artists.
  • Mail art showcase.