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The Fox Princess

rockpaperfoxOur Mys.Coleoptera is a teen now and felt disconnected from her “Paper Princess” column. With our newly found freedom, it was good timing for her to come up with a new persona for herself. She will continue creating paper joy for all of us – prints, paper toys, and other lovelies as well as some new interactives – but her column will now be under the guise of her totem’s influence as “Rock. Paper. Fox”.

Her fabulous first attempt at logo design.
Her fabulous first attempt at logo design.

Reveling in paper-based creative joy on a daily basis is an occupational hazard of living in our house. We love playing games of every type, so the idea of rock, paper, scissors is playful. Add in that her totem is fox and and it becomes more personal.

So, to my Mys.Coleoptera: I wish you a future full of new ideas, enough time and focus to implement them, a wealth of paper joy to share, and the start of something beautiful! I’m proud of you, baby. xxoo

You can find her work online here.

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