When you first get the idea to publish a magazine, it can be a little bit scary. You formulate your thoughts, you tell a few friends, and you start to get the idea that, Hey, this could actually work. You’ve done it before, so you know it can be done. Next thing you know there are others who believe in it too and you get this rush of excitement, that you can do anything. The reality of it is, you can.

I am an analog girl at heart – always doodling, drawing and making notes about something. Over the last few years, though, it has been technology that has opened the most doors, oddly enough, for my analog work. This past October saw me graduating with my MFA in Creative Writing, a degree I could never have gotten if it weren’t available online, and I realized that I am leading a double life: One analog, one digital. I am a major tech head, but will never give up my pens, pencils, and paper. And I’m not alone.

Kraft Paper Muse is a work in progress, and this is our jumping off point. This year is going to bring great things and it is my hope that the Muse will be in the thick of it. And that’s what this is all about really: Inspiration.

I am looking forward to sharing the beauty of living a digitally-analog life with you throughout the year through the pages of the Muse. Thank you for your interest and for coming along for the ride.