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And we are LIVE!

Though late, our Textile issue is live and available now through MagCloud HERE.

We hope you enjoy this first issue in our new format. We are fledgling, but love what we do, so we are looking forward to bringing you future content. We will be posting a little added content for our Textile issue here as well. We want your feedback, so please take a moment after you peruse our first issue and leave us some “constructive” criticism. We welcome reviews!

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May’s issue will available this week, so we hope to see you then!


Kraft Paper Muse, Issue 2 - Textile

By Ana Maria Selvaggio in Kraft Paper Muse, 2013

46 pages, published 4/29/2013

Kraft Paper Muse is about merging the analog and digital sides of our lives into a creative whole. Every medium in the creative scope is fair game and we hope you will help us discover more! Every issue includes interactive components as well. The Muse is about you.

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